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Annuity/Pension vs. Lump-sum- Part 5: Putting it all together

In a nutshell Putting it altogether, you are now ready to explore your own personal situation for the annuity/pension vs. lump sum decision. If you are reading this Part 5 blog post of the final one of this series, then you have already ploughed through the first four parts: Annuity/Pension vs. Lump-Sum- Part 1: Making […]

Vanguard GLWB vs. other decumulation strategies

Vanguard’s GLWB: Credit to Vanguard for delivering on the promise (Originally posted November 7, 2011 and re-hosted in March 2012) In a nutshell Vanguard’s GLWB finally meets the promise of the value inherent in GLWB/GMWB-like strategies. We can only hope that Vanguard will also offer this product eventually in Canada. Vanguard’s GLWB is a great compromise […]