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On-track to retirement? Objectives, plans and feedback to align: savings rate, retirement age, and expenses

In a nutshell An annually exercisable feedback mechanism in tax-deferred retirement accounts (e.g. 401(k), IRA or RRSP) is provided to assess whether a pre-retiree is on track to achieve financial objectives for retirement and identify corrective steps required to align plan execution and expectations. Shortfalls to objectives can be eliminated by adjusting: annual savings-rate, retirement age and if necessary the planned retirement […]

flexibleRetirementPlanner is a real gem!

flexibleRetirementPlanner is a real gem! (and it is free) I came across Jim Richmond’s flexibleRetirementPlanner  by surfing the web for a good retirement planner with Monte Carlo capability and lots of flexibility to specify investment returns, taxes and cash flows. When I found this planner, its capabilities blew me away. It is the most capable […]