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Hot Off the Web- December 24, 2012

Contents: Inflation fighting in retirement, U.S. tax-net snares Canadian residents, Canadian house prices off 0.4% past month, Canadian house sales forecast revised downward, pension reform prospects: expanded-CPP up while PRPP down, Coyne: expanded-CPP with a twist, compulsion (and nudge) the only way to achieve higher wealth accumulation for retirement, Supreme Court of Canada rules against […]

Hot Off the Web- December 17, 2012

Contents: Year-end tax planning, U.S. ETFs for Canadians, cash under the mattress, downsizing? RRSP vs. public service pension, QE damages pensions and investment while smoothing distorts reality of deficits, Stones induced Social security reform and intergenerational warfare? understanding retirement income risks, target-benefit plans, “laws of competition do not apply under asymmetric information” due to agents […]

Hot Off the Web- December 10, 2012

Contents: Only “fee-for-service” in Australia and UK, factors for monitoring and dynamic adjustment of withdrawal rates: stage in retirement/asset allocation/longevity percentile/distribution period/failure probability, hedge funds place big bet on improving US housing, impact of rising condo fees, banks more receptive to short sales, flood-risk insurance, expanded-CPP, Ontario private pension shortfalls to be partly covered by […]

Hot Off the Web- December 3, 2012

Contents: what ‘fundcos’ won’t tell you, fiduciary standard required, passive beats active-again,  long-term care costs, when RRSP withdrawal is sensible, global diversification, downside of joint asset ownership, US housing up, shadow housing inventory well managed-so far, pooled assets for Ontario public sector, expanded-CPP trumps PRPP, demographics drive stock returns, end of bond bubble inevitable but […]

Hot Off the Web- November 26, 2012

Contents: Rebuilding financial industry trust, mutual fund fees, 401(k) inadequacies, sell or hold before US capital gains tax increase? longevity insurance taking off in US, 15 year mortgage at 2.56%, Canadian house prices moderating, US house prices increasing, PRPP is DOA, Swedroe: passive investing winning despite Wall Street resistance and consumer ignorance, like Taj Mahal’s […]

Hot Off the Web- November 19, 2012

Contents: Rebalancing, 401(k) plans, when to take CPP, Investment Policy Statement, financial literacy insufficient for better retirement outcomes, fiduciary, Toronto office condos, US housing starts up, FL foreclosures top US, collateral damage of state/city pension plans underfunding to hit employees and taxpayers, reducing bonds allocation, raging or raving bull? Vanguard index switch challenges Personal Finance […]

Hot Off the Web- November 12, 2012

Contents: Prep to meet adviser, Investment Policy Statement ‘essential’, tactical asset allocation failed, skill vs. luck, index wars: watch for under- and over-laps, “rule of 40”, FL property tax Amendment 4- defeated, bleak retirement for young workers, generous public pensions are paid by those with no pensions, cult of equity is dead? Allocate 10-15% to […]