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Hot Off the Web- December 15, 2014

Contents: Bonds and volatility, Vanguard: largest robo-adviser, estate planning for singles, retirement: not just about money, don’t bother with forecasts/forecasters, Canadian homes: up to 30% overvalued, measuring your 401(k), UK pension reform risks collateral damage? Ontario tables mandatory pension plan, fix in place for multiemployer PBGC pension insurance? OECD warns of need for pension changes, […]

Hot Off the Web- December 8, 2014

Contents: Inheritance fight, tax-loss selling, middle-class cost squeeze, TFSA scrutiny? Florida: 9-years hurricane free, ALM risk management in retirement, ‘advisers’ fight DOL fiduciary rule, multi-employer PBGC near broke, state/city pension plans risk challenged, perceptions about aging all wrong, active managers’ performance sucks, “closet indexers” worst than active managers, does more risk mean more returns- not […]

Hot Off the Web- December 1, 2014

Contents: The occasional fiduciaries, emergency travel health insurance: will you get paid? an albatross:  a large home in retirement, volatility your friend but risk your enemy, Chevreau’s new FindependenceHub, US hope prices continue to decelerate, high real estate dependency can jeopardize retirement, stock allocation in retirement-forget glide-paths, meaning of 10% probability of running out of […]

Hot Off the Web- November 24, 2014

Contents: Need 25% drop in stocks? “folklore of finance”, “will” plus a “letter of instruction”, small value stocks superior to private equity, disallowed tax shelter donations, house sale: another way to scam seniors, taxing issues for Canadians with US real estate, lawyers’ feasting on Nortel carcass continues on the backs of pensioners/creditors, PBGC’s multiemployer pension […]

Hot Off the Web- November 17, 2014

Contents: Troubled brokers cluster in Florida and New York, LTCI unnecessary?!? Canadian housing advance slower but market is two-tier, South Florida housing is slowing, Silent Generation richest age group, printing money to fund deficit is superior solution to economic problems compared to financial repression, new Exchange Traded Managed Funds (ETMF), EU dream ebbs. Personal Finance […]

Hot Off the Web- November 10, 2014

Contents: Decumulation-ARVA is progress, robo-advice and financial insanity, rental car insurance, conflict disclosure won’t cut it, financial abuse of older Americans, Bank of Canada warns on government’s housing exposure, more Americans rent rather than buy, South Florida house sales 60% cash, US retirement savings bleak, pension buyback? indexing upends risk-return relationship? Risk mistakes of planners, […]

Hot Off the Web- November 3, 2014

Contents: Are you a risk-taker? wealth and market reaction, robo-advisers: coming shakeout and driving “margin compression” for advisers? Real advisers like “financial physicians”, updating RRIF rules, understanding bond ETF yields, Canadian housing correction: don’t worry -be happy, South Florida housing market improving? Preventing early 401(k) withdrawals? actuaries finally recognize higher life- expectancies, return distributions are […]