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Hot Off the Web- October 27, 2014

Contents: Early retirement-not so fast, structured notes-beware, target-date funds too risky for young??? Moody’s warns on Canada’s house prices, snowbirds: rent or buy? Canadians being hyped to buy FL real estate, only spending rule paper for retirement, retirement savings: adequate or not? working longer risky plan for inadequate saving-29% couldn’t for medical reasons, pension fund […]

Hot Off the Web- October 20, 2014

Contents: Stretching for return, ‘advice’: the secret tool for financial advisers, looking for right adviser, want advice: check out advisor first, hybrid advice: robo/human, Turnbull “Your portfolio is broken”: A book review, Morningstar: keys to retirement investing, you are the greatest threat to your credit, Canada’s home prices/sales power ahead again, London home prices off: […]

Hot Off the Web- October 13, 2014

Contents: Mint interview, ready for possible sell-off? even low ETF fees are corrosive, scammers target >50 crowd, singles must save more, Bernanke refused mortgage refinance, 25% of Canadians’ retirement at risk if housing declines, IMF warns on Canadian housing, US Steel latest indicator of systemic private sector pension failure in Canada, Ontario’s small businesses unhappy […]

Hot Off the Web- October 6, 2014

Contents: Tax smart investing, downsizing to rent? building wealth, reverse mortgages??? ‘advice’ from salesmen or real advisers? universal life insurance- not again? stock/bond portfolio instead of a GIC/CD- must be joking?!? US home price growth slows, Toronto condo prices correlated to stock market? Nortel judge to rule but end may be neither near nor good […]

Hot Off the Web- Sep 29, 2014

Contents: Assessing financial progress, Vanguard next disrupting business of financial advice, dumb money getting smarter, factoring health and long-term care into financial plans, housing finance reform needed now, Florida home sales/prices slowing, annuity/pension vs. lump sum decision customized to your needs, relaxing pension withdrawal rules, public vs. private sector pensions, battle over Nortel carcass continues: […]

Hot Off the Web- Sep 22, 2014

Contents: Disability insurance? Cleaning the portfolio clutter, how to burn $100 bills, a universal fiduciary requirement would eliminate RIA’s competitive advantage? robo-advisers in Canada, look around before renewing mortgage, best portfolio protection? equity indexed annuities (EIAs)? inheritance secret, Canada house prices up: 0.6% in month and 5% in year, Toronto/Vancouver house prices insane or not? […]

Hot Off the Web- Sep 15, 2014

Contents:  Steps to retirement income, reasons to rebalance, financial elder abuse, curing home bias with World ex-Canada Index ETF (VXC), preparing financials for death, estate planning is more than wills, retirement savings catch-up, ending embedded commissions, Tactical Asset Allocation= Market Timing, Canada healthcare limitations for seniors, financial plan necessary but insufficient without disciplined execution, Vancouver/Toronto/Calgary […]