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Hot Off the Web- October 6, 2014

Contents: Tax smart investing, downsizing to rent? building wealth, reverse mortgages??? ‘advice’ from salesmen or real advisers? universal life insurance- not again? stock/bond portfolio instead of a GIC/CD- must be joking?!? US home price growth slows, Toronto condo prices correlated to stock market? Nortel judge to rule but end may be neither near nor good […]

Hot Off the Web- Sep 29, 2014

Contents: Assessing financial progress, Vanguard next disrupting business of financial advice, dumb money getting smarter, factoring health and long-term care into financial plans, housing finance reform needed now, Florida home sales/prices slowing, annuity/pension vs. lump sum decision customized to your needs, relaxing pension withdrawal rules, public vs. private sector pensions, battle over Nortel carcass continues: […]

Hot Off the Web- Sep 22, 2014

Contents: Disability insurance? Cleaning the portfolio clutter, how to burn $100 bills, a universal fiduciary requirement would eliminate RIA’s competitive advantage? robo-advisers in Canada, look around before renewing mortgage, best portfolio protection? equity indexed annuities (EIAs)? inheritance secret, Canada house prices up: 0.6% in month and 5% in year, Toronto/Vancouver house prices insane or not? […]

Hot Off the Web- Sep 15, 2014

Contents:  Steps to retirement income, reasons to rebalance, financial elder abuse, curing home bias with World ex-Canada Index ETF (VXC), preparing financials for death, estate planning is more than wills, retirement savings catch-up, ending embedded commissions, Tactical Asset Allocation= Market Timing, Canada healthcare limitations for seniors, financial plan necessary but insufficient without disciplined execution, Vancouver/Toronto/Calgary […]

Hot Off the Web- Sep 1, 2014

Contents: Clements: financial beliefs (you can build on), DIYs: advisors needed? “daily money manager”, fund managers going the way of the horse-and-buggy? Canadian investors must diversify, human-assisted robo-advisors in Canada, US home price increases slowing, global retirement savings shortfall: $100T? Target-date glide-paths a trade-off between lifetime income and risk of capital loss, hedge funds: getting […]

Hot Off the Web- Aug 11, 2014

Contents: Taxes on failed investments? dying performance investing, 35-to45 year old most indebted, cost of delayed home purchase, Nortel pensioners condemn bondholder ‘deal’, pension reform discussion shifts to target benefit (TB), CARP on 2015 budget: abolish mandatory RRIF withdrawals and expand CPP, US middle class: no savings and no safety-net, UK pension reform: 50p government […]

Hot Off the Web- Aug 4, 2014

Contents: Affordability of early retirement, insurance co victimizes annuitant, active funds flopped again, advisors need to justify fees, loving your mortgage, check brokerage statements for unauthorized transactions, Ontario’s stealth tax increases via tax bracket creep, US home price increases slow, Florida home prices still 36% below peak, Australia proposes next phase of pension reform, Ontario […]

Hot Off the Web- Jul 28, 2014

Contents: Annuity vs. RRIF- can they even be compared? managing family portfolio after you’re gone, seniors natural fraud targets, how is your portfolio managed? work till 70 if you have little savings, Canada warned of coming US-style housing crash? Nortel bondholders to get $1B extra interest-final nail in Canadian pensioners’ coffin? UK drops mandatory annuitization […]

Hot Off the Web- Jul 21, 2014

Contents: Adviser investment performance, ex-reader calls-it-as-he-sees-it: duty to own family comes before duty  to client, benefits of low cost living, dangerous investments, estate distribution and its message, breakdown of costs of investment management, Vancouver/Toronto house prices up-now 25% overvalued- is China’s drive to internationalize yuan a key driver? Canada house price correction would be good […]

Hot Off the Web- Jul 14, 2014

Contents: Clements: my index fund portfolio, Capital Market Expectations and its impact on portfolios, IRS offers amnesty to Canadians required to file U.S. returns, retirement planning, Toronto real estate continues firing on all cylinders, longevity insurance in 401(k)s, New Brunswick public employees sue province for pension changes, states looking to up employees pre-tax retirement plan […]