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Hot Off the Web-October 22, 2015: Pensions and Retirement Income (incl. Nortel’s Canadian pension update)

Contents: Nortel pension update, USSteel/Stelco reaffirms no private sector pension protection in Canada, ORPP or CPP- putting all the eggs in one basket? actuarial delusions? target-date funds glide-paths still not right- it depends, Vanguard: next 10 year 60/40 portfolio return expected in range of 3-5% real, income replacement ratio is not target retirement metric, fiduciary? […]

Hot Off the Web- September 1, 2015

Contents: ETFs disconnect from underlying, capturing long-term equity risk premium (ERP) comes with inevitable occasional “horrifying short-term losses”, Fidelity IRAs provide Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC) option (why not in Canada?), indexing perspectives: providers/bond and stock indexes/indexes for benchmarks vs. portfolio construction/, pre-mortem before the next inevitable 50% market drop. Much ink spilled in the […]

Hot Off the Web- March 16, 2015

Contents:  format change, boosting retirement income, retirement ruined by adult children, lessons from “The millionaire next door”, Canada home price increases (mostly) slowing, housing bubble in Canada-yes/no/maybe? Impact of discriminatory property tax in Florida moves into high gear again, choosing a retirement community, pension privatization being undone by some governments, Bank of Canada interest […]

Hot Off the Web- March 9, 2015

Contents: Healthcare cost in retirement? TFSA questions, avoiding RRSP ‘tax-trap’, impact of fees trumps asset allocation, getting even hotter: Toronto real estate, derailing drive to U.S. fiduciary standard? Sun Life insures BCE pension plan longevity risk, UK retirees no longer required to annuitize, active mutual fund managers attempt to stem exit of assets with opaque […]

Hot Off the Web- March 2, 2015

  Contents: Retirement questions, buying-high & selling-low, marketable ‘limit order’, advancing the retirement planning clock, DOL: disclosure insufficient-best interest standard required, US home prices advance but sales slower, Canadian condo supply: demand ratio 20:1 in some cities, 401(k) advisors’  have ongoing responsibility, Canada/UK/US pensions’ funded status deteriorates, deferred-income annuities misused? if DB pensions so good […]

Hot Off the Web- February 23, 2015

Contents: Fiduciary-shameless opposition, mortgage vs. retirement savings, TFSA vs. RRSP, RRSP withdrawal strategy, sell your snowbird property now? pension crisis aggravated by longevity, models don’t trump common sense, sin-vesting, Canada’s health system: symbol of contradiction, too much finance bad for the economy. Personal Finance and Investments In the NYT’s “Making brokers toe the mark” Tara […]

Hot Off the Web- February 16, 2015

Contents: Financial literacy efforts a useless smokescreen? Clements: a happier financial life, bedrock personal finance rules, rules for your golden years, tax minimization in retirement, adviser to manage your RRSP? free portfolio management coming, auditing high value TFSAs? Canada housing up! renters the majority in big U.S. cities, Canada takes top 1-2-3 positions in global […]