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Hot Off the Web- February 9, 2015

Contents: Aids in adviser selection, advisers fail women, retiree debt levels deteriorating, prepping for health and LTC costs in retirement, Canada housing: Calgary on the precipice while Toronto motors on? downsizing? U.S. annuity sellers protecting their gravy train, Klarman: lessons from Buffett, Canadian household debt rings alarm bells, ETFs not the same as passive investing, […]

Hot Off the Web- February 2, 2015

Contents: Long-term care insurance fix? recency bias, renting in retirement, real and worsening retirement crisis, pension plan sponsors make poor decisions, Canada’s pension regime needs overhaul…duh, deflationary threat? smart-beta promise? factor investing- flavour of the month! Personal Finance and Investments In the WSJ’s “A way to fix long-term care insurance?”  Glenn Ruffenach discusses a Michael […]

Hot Off the Web- January 26, 2015

Contents: Assets adequate for retirement? 1% adviser fee- next pin to fall? RRSP traps, Canada’s house bubble? Bank of Canada rate surprise-adding more air to the housing bubble? UK pensions: mandatory annuitization stopped- is annuity cash-in option next? will pension fund managers come clean on charges? Lieber: don’t buy Tony Robbins’s annuity pitch, Canada’s health […]

Hot Off the Web- January 19, 2015

Contents: Retainer based business model for advice? returns not primary driver in search for adviser, Clements: money myths, Canada’s housing slowing? U.S. renters take it on the chin, longevity annuities to shine in U.S. in 2015, OSC/SEC retreat on cooked books at Nortel, Ellis/Munnell/Eschtruth: retirement problems and solutions, retirement age? financial industry about products/sales not […]

Hot Off the Web- January 12, 2015

Contents: Clements: 31- rules to investment, advice: will that be human/robot/hybrid? FINRA sees value in fiduciary standard for brokers? Canada house price bubble: 63% overvalued? UK house prices fixed, Americans’ retirement savings status? required savings rates? US corporate pensions’ funded status drops 9% as mortality data recognized, risk of complexity in finance, age discrimination? Bitcoin: […]

Hot Off the Web- January 5, 2015

Contents: Turbulence-proofed portfolio, adviser selection, conversion to fee-based account, LTCI and retirement abroad? adviser succession? retiring in 2015? protecting seniors, Canada/U.S. home prices drop -0.3%/-0.1% MoM, Shiller: Canada home prices in bubble territory, a home is not an investment, privatizing mortgage insurance? Nortel’s Canadian pensioners screwed again: U.S. judge awards $1B in post-bankruptcy bond interest, […]