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Hot Off the Web- October 15, 2012

Topics: Conflict of interest, private money managers, required assets for retirement, life insurance in retirement? luxury cars? Cap or GDP weighted bond index? replacing Canadian index ETFs? US housing boom in 2015? Gehry’s Toronto condos, flawed data drives up Canada’s house prices, pension fund asset allocation, central banks’ bubble, IMF: Canada’s debt risk, returns/inflation in […]

Hot Off the Web- October 8, 2012

Topics: “Glidepath illusion”, ETF costs, Vanguard index changes, investing with dementia, un-indexed SPIAs in decumulation, Canada’s housing slowing, US housing recovery over-rated? “annuity or lump sum”, class action against Nortel pension trustees,  Canadian DB pensions stuck underfunded, longevity insurance pushed by US mutual insurers, “investable rally”? financial industry self-serving, inflation/deflation? Bogle’s new book, “family loan […]

Hot Off the Web- October 1, 2012

Topics: Financial advisors add 1.8%, age 65 an obsolete threshold, living inheritance better, US house prices up but not all house price reports the same, Canada’s house market a slow-motion train-wreck? November vote on Florida constitutional amendments more bad news for non-homesteaders, pension/annuity or lump-sum? floundering PRPP, coming ‘tail-risk’ event? Gross: inflation coming- stocks favored, […]

Hot Off the Web- September 24, 2012

Topics: Retirement mistakes, non-traded securities, ‘grey divorce’, LTC insurance, BOND vs. BND and AGG, equities for retirees, real estate: Canada slowing while US picking up, US pension plan relief to cost taxpayers, 401(k) problems, Canadian pensions move into alternatives, public pension management: Japan vs. Canada, moving past the DB vs. DC debate, passive vs. active, […]

Hot Off the Web- September 17, 2012

Topics: Advisor ethics, women’s retirement, fiduciary advisor, mutual fund disclosures, retirement savings milestones, US  real estate a Canadian opportunity, Nevada’s real estate disaster, deploying a windfall, household incomes down, inflation and retirees, Shiller’s CAPE indexes, financial repression: retirees and governments, is QE bankrupt? ETF inflows, Roubini: perfect storm to continue, joblessness worse than numbers indicate, […]

Hot Off the Web- September 10, 2012

Topics: High fees, protecting retirement assets, financial to-do list, investing a windfall, retirement portfolio needs risk, tax deferral? UK bans advisor commissions-fees only permitted for advice, Vancouver home sales plunge, pensions undamaged by QE, annuities? Unchartered territory for developed countries, ETF risks, gold standard? Entitlements corrupt? financial/economic documentaries. Personal Finance and Investments In a Consuelo […]

Hot Off the Web- September 3, 2012

Topics: Income investments, advisor/planner models and reality, house prices: Canada continues up while U.S. is starting up, cost of cottages, serial refinancing, society improving pension situation? technology revolution in finance? hedge funds? banks encroaching insurance in Canada? gold standard? Personal Finance and Investments Jason Zweig in WSJ’s “Will these royal yields rule?” warns that ”royalty […]

Hot Off the Web- August 27, 2012

Topics: Elder abuse, hedge funds add no value, financial certification rating, fiduciary, RESP fees, short-sales to drive real estate prices? US house sales/prices up, pensions underfunded, PRPP promotes DB closure, PRPP=RRSP, financial industry needs government help on annuities, index funds bad say active managers, Gross wrong on equities, food prices and commodity speculation. Personal Finance […]

Hot Off the Web- August 20, 2012

Topics: Target-date funds, executor warning, taxes and asset allocation, pension or lump-sum? saving OBSI, covered call strategy-not, bonds: bumps ahead for individuals but pensions buy more for ALM, assisted living, fiduciary standard, debt in retirement, global real estate, multiple personal use homes, Shiller unsure about housing recovery, target benefit plans, Canada’s annuity industry, trader vs. […]

Hot Off the Web- August 13, 2012

Topics: Passive beats active, don’t die intestate, control: risk-level/asset-allocation and rebalancing, SS delayed-retirement credits, Canadian housing to fall? US housing up- but on the rebound? no pension relief to Canada’s corporations, spending in retirement, some CPP recipient more equal than others, no Paulson subprime mortgage related Goldman charges, StanChart villains- the lawyers? sell gold? backlash […]