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Hot Off the Web- July 22, 2013

Contents: Decumulation during “income drought”, target-maturity bond ETFs, bond ETF approaches, your best interest at odds with your adviser’s? foreclosure driven reverse mortgage changes, cash returns negative, rules for “effective complaint letters”, Canadian homes up 1.8% YoY-are concerns over?, Florida property up, new twist to expanded CPP-keep working, Detroit: bondholders vs. pensioners, Calpers raises passive […]

Hot Off the Web- July 15, 2013

Contents: Fiduciary standard to drive advisers from mutual to segregated funds? no incremental cost with fiduciary duty and revenues higher, the 3-ETF portfolio, OBSI changes reduce effectiveness, new target maturity bond EFTs, US foreclosures down but Florida still 3x national average, DB pensions in danger zone, a tale of two boomers, no pension crisis for […]

Hot Off the Web- July 8, 2013

New ‘Homepage’: While the blog format used for a little over a year works great as a blog, I find that it is missing a holistic view of the breadth and depth of content which has been built over the almost 7-years. Starting this week readers will land on a new ‘Homepage’. In addition to […]

Hot Off the Web- July 1, 2013

Contents: Unlink adviser compensation from product sold, unclaimed funds for a fee, some securities unfit for TFSAs, home prices: U.S. up 12.1% YoY and 2.5% MoM, Florida up 13% YoY but concerns continue on foreclosure rates and abandoned homes, the solution to the retirement no-crisis crisis, Nortel: bankruptcy trial set for January 2014; score: ‘lawyers’=;$1B […]

Hot Off the Web- June 24, 2013

Contents: Target-date funds, ‘good news’ in lower markets, risky: “cash-flow” assets, riskier: “exempt markets”, states: life settlements OK, mutual fund trailer fees good for you-NOT, reverse mortgages- last resort only, Canada: housing collapse cancelled or delayed, US: buying  41% cheaper than renting, Florida: threat of rising sea level, state pensions=”ruinous promises”, Detroit to pensioners: take […]

Hot Off the Web- June 17, 2013

Contents: testamentary trusts to go, rebalancing, trailer fees must go, alternative mutual funds, Madoff: index funds the best, financial abuse, reverse-mortgage abuse, third party custodians, Canada housing up a little- but has it peaked? U.S. housing strength sustainable? Florida: state with highest foreclosures, still no pension reform in Canada, $1M illusion, higher UK rates reduce […]

Hot Off the Web- June 10, 2013

Contents: Best online broker, value of CFP to brokerage, embedded mutual fund commissions-NOT, good guys-bad guys, hedge funds not worth it, 100% stock? Vanguard international bond ETFs, 3rd party custodians? pullback on buy-to-rent houses? No retirement crisis in Canada? Canadian pension sponsors worry about fiduciary accountability, “actuarial lunacy” liability discount rates, men/women invest differently, higher […]

Hot Off the Web- June 3, 2013

Contents: Professionalism in finance a requirement for rebuilding trust, watch out for impact of rising rates on “can do no wrong” dividend/yield favoring strategies, options trading even more damaging than stock trading, U.S. home prices advance broadly, U.S. estate tax changes lighten burden on snowbirds, PBGC protects itself/pensioners against financial manipulation, pensions: “that which can’t […]

Hot Off the Web- May 27, 2013

Contents: Is the financial advice business a profession? retirement plan assuming working past 65 is flawed, required retirement income? the truth about fees, travel health insurance a must, life insurance covering LTC costs?  forecasting is difficult-especially about the future, global house prices, Canadian home prices to drop despite strong property buying interest? realtors: Palm Beach […]

Hot Off the Web- May 20, 2013

Contents: Sell advice OR product, investor help, don’t overprotect from market? inertia and mutual fund fees, fragmented investment management, US healthcare costs in retirement, Canada’s decelerating housing up 2%, Shiller: houses are dreams- reality is TBD, longer US stays for Canadians? no retirement savings crisis in Canada??? annuities always the best??? annuities/insurance- the full picture, […]