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Hot Off the Web- September 30, 2013

 Contents: Are ‘fee-only’ advisers mislabelled? actuarial portfolio expectations: 6% nominal, inflation protection now, retirees’ advice gap, getting closer to national securities regulation in Canada, adviser registries tainted, US real estate up, don’t get carried away with housing as an investment, Palm Beach County listings up 28%, Nortel pensioner CV/LIF takers less equal than annuity takers, […]

Hot Off the Web- September 23, 2013

Contents: Personal finance lessons from the financial crisis, up/down/up “glide-path”? US home frenzy easing, Alberta public pension changes? longevity decreases for >65 age group? investor lessons from war strategies, rising rates and stock price relationships? Zero interest rate impact on jobs? The Great Recession: causes and lessons. Personal Finance and Investments In WSJ’s “What we […]

Hot Off the Web- September 16, 2013

 Contents: Bonds as portfolio stabilizers, end of income investing, ‘autopilot’ withdrawal strategy, financial plan: necessary but only useful if implemented and up to date, Swedroe: don’t approach investing like lottery, careful with ‘safe’ investments, insured annuities-unlikely, advisors: need for, problems with and potential value of a professional advisory relationship, Canadian house prices up in August […]

Hot Off the Web- September 9, 2013

Contents: Short-term bond funds? global home price comparisons: US cheap and Canada expensive relative to past experience, accessibility of “longevity insurance” improving in US but still non-existent in Canada, ETFs “at least as safe as the underlying assets”, financial and personal cost of caring for a relative, low interest rate risk.   Personal Finance and […]

Hot Off the Web- September 2, 2013

Contents: Corporate class funds-NOT, decumulation: longevity risk transformed to investment risk, no punishment for fraud in Canada, US house prices up 12% YoY and 2.2% MoM, dengue fever in Florida? Canadian ready or not for retirement- depends who you ask, Bogle: active managers not passive investors are parasites, Coxe: tapering is good for growth/workers/savers/pensions/equities, massive […]

Hot Off the Web- August 26, 2013

Contents: Prescribed rates, equity-indexed annuities? what do P/E ratios mean? Palm Beach County home prices up YoY but down QoQ, South Florida 43rd in home price increase from through, second home ownership declining and discriminatory property tax practices spreading, coastal flooding risk mitigation required in Miami/Tampa/Vancouver, Canada’s large pension plans struggle, 60% of Ontarians without […]

Hot Off the Web- August 19, 2013

Contents: Things to mess up retirement, unexpected death of spouse running finances, the permanent portfolio, accumulation vs. decumulation, US vs. Canadian listed Vanguard ETF considerations for Canadians, Canadian house prices/sales up again-overheating? CPPIB reports subpar Q2 pension plan return, US-DOL driving toward fiduciary requirement for IRA providers, fiduciary and investment losses 23% of available 401(k) […]

Hot Off the Web- August 12, 2013

Contents: Investment manager or financial planner? importance of liability management, comments on proposed changes in OBSI terms of reference, indexing vs. dividend-based strategy, Canada/Denmark looking to reduce mortgage related housing risk, Obama: privatize mortgage insurance, actuaries the last to discover that Canadian living longer-eh? recommendations to upgrade RRSP effectiveness to that of DB plans, US […]

Hot Off the Web- August 5, 2013

Contents: Deferred annuities, safety of cash? not so ‘independent advisers’, only 15% trust their advisers, estate planning errors, yield vs. dividend growth, LearnVest’s objective to disrupt advice industry with affordable financial planning, best discount brokerages in Canada, US home prices up but sustainability questioned, misguided cult of home ownership, BlackRock’s new retirement index CoRI, Canada’s […]

Hot Off the Web- July 29, 2013

Contents: Passive beats active-again, bonds: what now? fee transparency needed, unit investment trusts-Not, no sustainable value in market timing, money mistakes, young adults’ insurance needs? clients beware: your adviser might retire before you, US/Florida home sales down in June but prices up, Shiller: home ownership not a virtue, living on the “edge”, Detroit: pensioners-taxpayer-bondholders fight, […]