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Hot Off the Web- October 28, 2013

Contents: Prepped for next crash? GIC guarantees not all the same, regaining clients’ trust, condo ‘reversions’, Florida house affordability down , signs of a bleak retirement, misleading 401(k) numbers, boomers ripping off generation X/Y/Z, what matters to charitable givers, smart(?) beta, Nobel winners on equity bubbles: apparent disagreement might just be reinforcing that passive/indexed approach […]

Hot Off the Web- October 14, 2013

Contents: Insured annuities-not, feedback in DC plans, longevity challenges boomer decumulation plans, more policing needed for financial planners? Florida property & casualty company practices “post-claim underwriting”, PEI’s expanded CPP proposal good but how does it solve Canadian boomers’ retirement crisis? effect of US default would dwarf Lehman impact- but it’s just a sideshow to the […]

Hot Off the Web- October 7, 2013

Contents: Advisers disagree on approach to retirement income, prepping for bond bear market, Canada’s soaring real estate prices: good or bad? UK house prices also soaring, snowbird US real estate peril not quite as suggested, US pre-approvals replaced by pre-qualifications, increase OAS by 36% by delaying start to age 70…but what if claw-back start is […]

Hot Off the Web- September 30, 2013

 Contents: Are ‘fee-only’ advisers mislabelled? actuarial portfolio expectations: 6% nominal, inflation protection now, retirees’ advice gap, getting closer to national securities regulation in Canada, adviser registries tainted, US real estate up, don’t get carried away with housing as an investment, Palm Beach County listings up 28%, Nortel pensioner CV/LIF takers less equal than annuity takers, […]

Hot Off the Web- September 23, 2013

Contents: Personal finance lessons from the financial crisis, up/down/up “glide-path”? US home frenzy easing, Alberta public pension changes? longevity decreases for >65 age group? investor lessons from war strategies, rising rates and stock price relationships? Zero interest rate impact on jobs? The Great Recession: causes and lessons. Personal Finance and Investments In WSJ’s “What we […]

Hot Off the Web- September 16, 2013

 Contents: Bonds as portfolio stabilizers, end of income investing, ‘autopilot’ withdrawal strategy, financial plan: necessary but only useful if implemented and up to date, Swedroe: don’t approach investing like lottery, careful with ‘safe’ investments, insured annuities-unlikely, advisors: need for, problems with and potential value of a professional advisory relationship, Canadian house prices up in August […]

Hot Off the Web- September 9, 2013

Contents: Short-term bond funds? global home price comparisons: US cheap and Canada expensive relative to past experience, accessibility of “longevity insurance” improving in US but still non-existent in Canada, ETFs “at least as safe as the underlying assets”, financial and personal cost of caring for a relative, low interest rate risk.   Personal Finance and […]