“How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free” by Ernie J. Zelinski

“How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free”

by Ernie J. Zelinski
While this website is focused on the financial aspects of retirement, I could not resist sharing with you a book that I just read, about a completely different dimension of retirement. In fact the book is subtitled as “Retirement wisdom that you won’t get from your financial advisor”.
I am not going to do a thorough review of this quick but worthwhile read, since you can just go to Amazon and get a pretty good idea of the content and what readers think of it.
However, orthogonal to the financial focus, this “money can’t buy happiness” perspective reminds us of the other than financial ingredients critical for a happy retirement. Purpose, community, structure, giving, exercise (physical and mental), positive attitude and spontaneity are just a few of the essentials.
I will leave you with the final paragraph from Zelinski’s book: “…retirement life is a game. Happy people are players. Unhappy people are the spectators. Which would you like to be?”

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