What’s in the budget for retirees?

What’s in the budget for retirees?
Well not a great deal more than the reaffirmed pension splitting announced last Halloween. The additional goodies included here are mostly covered in Chevreau’s FP article “Retirees: two more years for saving”:
• RRIFs start date moved from age 69 to 71, adding opportunity for a further two years worth of RRSP contributions and also delaying the required withdrawals by two years. • Pensioners will be allowed to receive a portion of their pension while continuing to work and accrue additional pension benefits • Age credit increased by $1000 • Also, the elimination of marriage penalty may benefit a retired couple But the big miss, that was not delivered, was the elimination/deferral of capital gains. Apparently, the government is still committed to this was unable to deliver at this time due to the cost of the “higher priority” changes included.

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