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Hot Off the Web- July 20, 2008 As you can imagine with the recent poor market performance, there are lots of articles focused on what, if anything, you should be doing with your portfolio. Here is a sample. In WSJ’s “Market’s swoon prods investors to try options” Eleanor Laise discusses how the market swoon is […]


Hot Off the Web- July 13, 2008 Jason Zweig kicks off his new Intelligent Investor column in the WSJ (he is a high profile replacement for Jon Clements whose Getting Going column was a favourite of many readers) with “Learn to love the bear” . He tackles the currently depressed markets head on, encouraging investors […]


Hot Off the Web- July 6, 2008 First, many are wondering “What to do to survive this market” ? WSJ’s Larry Light reminds readers not to panic since average bear market (defined as down 20%) lasts 14 months and recovers within 12 months (there were two “mega-meltdowns” since 1946 which were excluded in the statistics […]


Hot Off the Web- June 29, 2008 You will no doubt be surprise(?) to hear that “Active fund managers continue to underperform indices during volatile markets” in “S&P releases Q1 2008 Index versus active fund scorecard for Canada” This Standard and Poor’s report is a damning condemnation of the Canadian mutual fund industry. Some of […]


Hot Off the Web Level headed advice from Rob Arnott in Financial Times’ “Spend less and save more is recipe for retirement” is triggered by the “Ed McMahon problem” of “living longer, spending too much, and saving too little”. His advice is simple: (1) start saving early and save 20-25% of after-tax income every year, […]


Hot Off the Web WSJ’s Kelly Greene in “How bulletproof is your nest egg” describes approaches to managing your portfolio in (and nearing) retirement. For Evensky and Katz it consists of essentially having a two-year spending worth of cash reserves and the balance of the portfolio invested in a 70:30 stock:bond portfolio; the cash reserves […]


Hot Off the Web- June 8, 2008 A couple of great articles in the WSJ, one by Shefali Anand “Riding the retirement wave”  and the other by Kelly Greene “Turn your nest egg into cash” provide a fairly thorough review of the available options to retirees to transform their assets into retirement income. (I say […]


Hot Off the Web- June 1, 2008 The past week’s highlight was covered in a couple of Financial Post articles “’High fees sap Canadians’ retirement savings: report”  by Alia McMullen and “Supplementary CPP for those without workplace pensions?” by Jon Chevreau. They discuss Keith Ambachtsheer’s latest C.D Howe Institute report entitled “The Canada Supplementary Pension […]


Hot Off the Web- 25 May 2008 In WSJ’s “Refresh your retirement plans now”  Tom Lauricella suggests that it’s time for a check-up of your retirement account(s). He suggests you start by looking in the following three places: (1) no more than 10% of company stock, (2) asset allocation, judging by target-date funds, for a […]


Hot Off the Web- May 18, 2008 In Financial Times’ “A global rebalancing act” Jerome Booth discusses coming changes in flow of savings in the world. Earlier flows from emerging markets into “safe” U.S. Treasuries are set to reverse as a result of realization of the currency risk of Treasuries. Coupled with rising inflation in […]