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Hot Off the Web- October 19, 2008  It’s been another rough week in the markets, as reflected by the following Hot Off the Web articles. You may also be interested in reading my last weekend’s blog “What now?”  discussing what actions you may consider taking now. In WSJ’s “Among pressing problems, threat of deflation” Sudeep […]


Hot Off the Web The headlines are scary. Not only because of the 40% drop from peak of U.S. and Canadian markets, but also due to the swiftness of the drop. Some suggest that stocks are heading to still more losses, while others appeal to our sense of history that we are close to the […]


Hot Off the Web- October 5, 2008 WSJ’s Jason Zweig recommends that you hang on to your investments in “Depression of 2008? Don’t count of it” . He dispels concerns that: depression is coming (the Fed and the Treasury department have tools and are willing to use them) and that diversification is dead (normally different […]


Hot Off the Web- September 28, 2008 As I am writing this blog, U.S. lawmakers appear to have reached a ‘tentative’ agreement to pump $700B into trying to minimize the damage resulting from years of regulatory and legislative neglect. Unfortunately the collateral damage to the average American (and Canadian) will no doubt continue for some […]


Hot Off the Web- September 21, 2008 The hundreds of articles in the past week giving you advice as to what to do could be summarized, hopefully without doing them too much injustice, as: spend less or withdraw less from assets, save more, pay down debt starting with most expensive first, stick to your financial […]


Hot Off the Web- September 14, 2008   In Barron’s “Retirement: Safety first”  Karen Hube looks at recommendations from five experts on how to minimize losses (stabilize returns) in shaky markets. Peter Bernstein suggests protecting yourself against extreme scenarios by hedging with TIPS (inflation indexed government bonds) against runaway inflation, long-term treasuries against deflation and […]


Hot Off the Web- September 7, 2008 AP’s Dave Carpenter reports that “Tough economic times forcing people to work until later in life” . In 2006 29% of people in their 60s were working compared to 18% in 1985. Pressures causing this trend are a combination of insufficient savings and impact of market drop on […]