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The Barron’s article about Robert Arnott’s views entitled “ETF pro says stocks aren’t worth the risk” , in addition to covering his negative outlook on stocks and his advocacy for the advantages of ETFs based on fundamental indexes (based on “dividends, profits and book value” rather than market cap), also discusses Arnott’s recommended three main diversifiers to be added to a traditional stock and bond portfolio. The diversifiers are commodities, TIPS and unhedged international bonds.
Gullapalli in WSJ’s “Why hot funds are tripping up some investors”  talks about how as ETF providers continue to slice and dice ETFs into narrower and narrower segments, often using derivatives to track the target “index” can, and do, at times miss the mark by a significant amount. A prominent example given was where an ETF tracking oil prices fell 25% while oil dropped 10%. So while for some asset classes ETFs may be the only means of accessing them for a retail investor, there may be unexpected risks lurking below the surface.
Financial Post’s Chevreau outlines some of the hurdles to be overcome by Canadians wishing to become Americans in “Becoming an American isn’t so easy” He discusses a new book by Wruk entitled “The Canadian in America” where many of the challenges are covered such as: “immigration, visas, bank accounts, currency exchange, medical coverage, investments, pensions and departure taxes”. He also mentions the original (and probably still benchmark) book on this subject Robert Keats’s “Border Guide”, now in its 8th edition.

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