Hot Off the Web
Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick gives a positive review to the revamped Investor Education Fund website in “Revamped website gives the straight goods on investing”  This website is funded by the settlements of those who broke securities laws. The website’s span includes even the less sophisticated beginning investors like high school students.
In “Investment ‘helpers’ still eating the pie: Buffett”  Financial Post’s Chevreau tells us about Warren Buffett’s view that in the long-run investors earn market returns less the fees taken by the investment ‘helpers’. (Actually, it is even worse than that, since investors are also hit with transaction costs and taxes. In addition, studies have shown that investors don’t even start with the returns available from the market, since they have a tendency to trade too often, buy after the good performance has already been established and sell well after the performance has deteriorated; i.e. buy high and sell low). Buffet also tears a strip off hedge fund fee structure of 2-and-20, whereby they collect the 2% even when you lose money, and when you make money they take 20% of the gains, even if they did not even match the corresponding index. (Sounds like a good business!)

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