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Hot Off the Web- November 12, 2012

Contents: Prep to meet adviser, Investment Policy Statement ‘essential’, tactical asset allocation failed, skill vs. luck, index wars: watch for under- and over-laps, “rule of 40”, FL property tax Amendment 4- defeated, bleak retirement for young workers, generous public pensions are paid by those with no pensions, cult of equity is dead? Allocate 10-15% to […]

Hot Off the Web- October 29, 2012

Contents: Disability insurance, RMD-based withdrawal strategy, target-maturity bond ETFs, scary retirement study, fiduciary advisors in Canada? house prices: Canada peaked-US bottomed? Florida house prices advance, PRPP dead? Federal pensions still generous, low interest rates NOT root cause of underfunded pensions, yuan to trump dollar? change at Fed feared? Ben Stein’s advice, root cause of extraordinary […]

Optimal withdrawal strategy for retirement income portfolios-A review

In a nutshell: The authors compare five retirement withdrawal strategies (under the constraint that the retiree considers bequests to be of zero importance) and define a measure of Withdrawal Efficiency Rate as a means to compare them. They conclude that the commonly mentioned/used “Constant Dollar” (first year 4% of original assets, then adjusted annually for […]

Hot Off the Web- July 9, 2012

Topics: Filial support laws, 401(k) costs? Canada home prices up but sales down, US home prices up, US pensions: discount rate relief and lower equity allocation, Libor manipulation financial industry’s “tobacco moment”? low trust in financial industry results in lower retirement savings? cities in the hook for invisible guarantees might head into bankruptcy, impact of human […]

Welcome to the re-hosted

The look is more modern, the platform is built for blogging. The accumulated content (hopefully) made it all across, though some links are yet to be repaired. Accessibility is better with the Contents links on the left and the site Search on the right. While the migration was uncomfortable, I am pleased with the result; […]

Economist’s Buttonwood Notebook

The Economist’s Buttonwood Notebook blog is one of the most insightful big picture bloggers around

Chevreau’s “Wealthy Boomer”

Jonathan Chevreau’s “Wealthy Boomer” blog Jonathan Chevreau’s “Wealthy Boomer” blog in the Financial Post is a good source of ‘news’ and disussion on Canadian Personal Finance