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Life-cycle investing

Life-Cycle Investing: Revolution or Evolution-Are you ready for its implications? Background    The planning and investment advice, much like that offered at this website, has been rolling along on a framework based on wealth accumulation by saving and investing for the long-term. The emphasis is generally heavily slanted toward equities, which historically delivered much higher […]

Cross-Border Living

Cross-Border Living If you are a Canadian and own property in the U.S., or if you spend or planning to spend significant portion of your time in the U.S., or are working in the U.S. you must read Bob Keats’s “Border Guide – A guide to living, working and investing across the border”  N-th Edition […]

Good(?) news, mutual funds perform better in recessions than expansions

Good(?) news, mutual funds perform better in recessions than expansions Before we get to the good(?) news let’s run through what we know about mutual funds: 1. Studies have shown that actively managed mutual funds have a structural    disadvantage as compared to index funds or (index) ETFs. The mutual fund manager must overcome the […]