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Annuity/Pension vs. Lump-Sum- Part 3: Quantitative considerations

In a nutshell In this blog post (Part 3 in the series), in the context of a specific example for a 67 year old couple, we explore quantitative considerations toward the annuity/pension vs. lump-sum decision, such as: (1) fixed and discretionary expenses, (2) capital market expectations, (3) how/when/if to annuitize, (4) understanding the value delivered […]

Annuity/Pension vs. Lump-Sum- Part 2: Drivers to and away from annuitization

In a nutshell In Part 2 of this series of five blog posts, we approach the annuity/pension vs. lump-sum decision qualitatively to allow individuals to tentatively screen themselves into an annuity or lump-sum direction; in follow-on blog posts we explore quantitatively the decision to annuitize, when it might make sense to do so and how the outcomes […]

Annuity/Pension vs. Lump-Sum- Part 1: Making the right decision for you

In a nutshell In Part 1 of this five part series, the focus is on: (1) risks in retirement, (2) life expectancy and impact on retirement planning age and (3) annuities are insurance not investment The three key risks in retirement are: longevity risk, inflation risk and market risk. Annuities/pensions address some aspect of these risks, while […]

Nortel pensions: Why CV/LIF value is less than annuity value for Nortel’s Ontario pensioners?

 In a nutshell The bottom line is that for Ontario Nortel pensioners only, CV is calculated (as defined in the legislation and the same as for deferred pension plan beneficiaries) on windup date life expectancy and some of the CV is considered to have already been collected since windup, so it’s worth less now. Whereas […]

Annuity or Lump-Sum (LIF): Upcoming Nortel pensioners’ decision

In a nutshell In this blog I address the “annuity or lump sum?” and the  “if, when and how much  to annuitize?” questions with a discussion of the pros, cons and other qualitative considerations that go into this very personal decision. “Annuity or Lump-sum?” One could very simply just take the annuity option (“status quo […]

Nortel bondholders poised to get $1.25/dollar while pensioner might get $0.15/dollar?

In a request for political action “Immediate actions to improve your outcome in the Nortel Insolvency” the NRPC is calling on all retirees and former employees who have Canadian claims to contact Minister of Industry Paradis, their senior regional MP and their own local MP to request immediate legislative changes to  “block the vulture bond funds from getting […]

New Ontario pension windup flexibility is great but must include ‘self-administration’ option

New Ontario pension windup flexibility is great but must include ‘self-administration’ option It is wonderful to read that Ontario Finance Minister Duncan decided to broaden the available options upon pension wind-up, rather than forcing pensioners into an annuity. The Nortel pensioner group NRPC’s announcement in the context of the so called Financial Sponsorship Model-FSM (ominously) […]