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Want the greatest bang for the buck from your advisor?

Want the greatest bang for the buck from your advisor? Last week, Good(?) news, mutual funds perform better in recessions than expansions , discussed how difficult it is for active managers to exceed the index and how difficult it is to find the few who will outperform in the future. If it appears that it […]

Choosing an advisor

(Originally posted April 5, 2007) Let me start off by saying that I do not have a great deal of personal experience in picking an advisor. My objective in this website is to help you become self sufficient in your retirement planning. My wife, by the way, does not believe that I am pursuing a […]

Fee-only planners/advisors(Canada/U.S.)

Fee-only planners/advisors(Canada/U.S.) In a nutshell If you are thinking of using an advisor, aim to get one working on a fee-only basis, prepared to offer a fiduciary relationship and includes an Investment Policy Statement as part of the deliverable. The details The education function of RetirementAction.comis focused in helping individuals to become Do-It-Yourself (DIY) investors; […]